main :: IO ()

main = do

    putStrLn ( "" ++ githubUser )

    putStrLn ( "" ++ twitterUser )

    putStrLn ( "" ++ linkedinUser )

    putStrLn ( "14D4 0CA1 E1A8 06A0 15C4 A06B 372E C33E B388 121A" )

    where twitterUser = "mpmlopes"

          linkedinUser = "mpmlopes"

          githubUser = "mlopes"

First Post

Feb 10, 2012 • Marco Lopes • octopress( less than 1 min read )


My name is Marco Lopes, and this is my latest attempt at writing a personal blog. Here I will more or less frequently post articles related to my interests.

My interestes are usually techincal and delivery oriented, so I might be writing hard core technical posts, or more process oriented posts about domain or behaviour driven design, as well as lean and agile.

I’m also interested in game development and design, but content related to that will be more likely to be found on my game development focused blog The Lemon Behind The Sofa.

Thanks for reading. Hope you enjoy the content.

Marco Lopes

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