main :: IO ()

main = do

    putStrLn ( "" ++ githubUser )

    putStrLn ( "" ++ twitterUser )

    putStrLn ( "E57A 23D4 045E A65A 1AE1 43AF 011F 422E 7F52 FFA8" )

    where twitterUser = "mpmlopes"

          githubUser = "mlopes"

Driving Your Domain By Examples(3)

Mar 22, 2017 • talks,DDD,BDD,TDD( less than 1 min read )

I had a third opportunity to deliver the Driving Your Domain By Examples talk. This time at the Code Mastery meetup. This version had some further improvements over the previous ones and is also available on video online. Unfortunatelly, the video failed to capture the questions at the end, which was possibly the most interesting part of the talk.

You can see the presentation slides bellow:

The videos is available here:

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