main :: IO ()

main = do

    putStrLn ( "" ++ githubUser )

    putStrLn ( "" ++ twitterUser )

    putStrLn ( "E57A 23D4 045E A65A 1AE1 43AF 011F 422E 7F52 FFA8" )

    where twitterUser = "mpmlopes"

          githubUser = "mlopes"

Driving Your Domain By Examples(1)

Apr 26, 2016 • talks,DDD,BDD,TDD( less than 1 min read )

This talk was delivered at the 2016 edition of the Developers Paradise conference, which was hosted at Opatija, Croatia. It focused on Modelling by Example, and how to use it to drive the discovery and modelling of the domain of your application.

Presenting at Developers Paradise 2016

The slides can be seen bellow:

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