main :: IO ()

main = do

    putStrLn ( "" ++ githubUser )

    putStrLn ( "" ++ twitterUser )

    putStrLn ( "E57A 23D4 045E A65A 1AE1 43AF 011F 422E 7F52 FFA8" )

    where twitterUser = "mpmlopes"

          githubUser = "mlopes"

Modelling an Extension By Example(1)

Feb 11, 2015 • talks,DDD,BDD,TDD( less than 1 min read )

Delivered a talk at the Manchester Magento User Group, about how to use Modelling by Example, a Domain Driven Design technique which uses Gherkin examples as a framework to drive the development of software, to achieve decoupling from legacy frameworks, a consistent and cohesive core domain model, and a maintainable application.

Speaking in Manchester on the topic of Modelling by Example

The videos was available online, but has been removed, I’m working on getting it back online, and will share it here when available.

The slides for the presentation can be seen bellow:

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