main :: IO ()

main = do

    putStrLn ( "" ++ githubUser )

    putStrLn ( "" ++ twitterUser )

    putStrLn ( "E57A 23D4 045E A65A 1AE1 43AF 011F 422E 7F52 FFA8" )

    where twitterUser = "mpmlopes"

          githubUser = "mlopes"

Portugal Road Trip

Nov 27, 2014 • talks,trips,portugal,food,history,places( less than 1 min read )

Delivered a talk internally at Inviqa’s Enlightening Lunch event. The talk took a format of a road trip, so it focus on different points in the map of Portugal as we travel from the north to the south of country and talk about historic events related to those points in the map, show the natural beauties of the country and reveal the traditional foods of those places.

The slides for the presentation can be seen bellow:

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